Posted on Jun 17, 2013

Work the Walls Vol. 3


The last mix in my Work the Walls trilogy! Inspired by my favorite Cosby Kid. A summer soundtrack of 80s R&B, synth-funk, 90’s dance, and electroboogie jams. It’s 100% Huxtable. Gordon Gartrelle shirt not included.


Posted on Jun 8, 2012

Ladies Only Intro to DJing Workshop

We’re back with another workshop for all you record geeks, secret mixmasters, bedroom DJ’s, dance floor freaks, and future Spinderella’s. This one is a fundraiser for the amazing Shawty Got Skillz, who will be bringing their skill-share back to the Allied Media Conference. I’m hyped to be joining them this year and teaching folks about the art of cold rockin’ a party. Before I head off to Detroit, I’ll be leading a workshop with Junebullet for anyone curious about what really goes on behind the DJ booth. We’ll be sharing tips and info about mixing, equipment, music, throwing parties, and breaking in the DJ biz. Open to all lady, girl, woman, trans, and gender-nonconforming folks who wanna learn about DJing without dealing with your typical DJ dudes.

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